Addis International Bank S.C.(AdIB) is founded by visionary Ethiopians-that include Cooperatives, Unions, and social settings like Idirs as well as individual business people and is intended to play a pivotal role of financial intermediation through engagement in provisioning of full-fledged banking services to the public. AdIB has envisioned “To be the Leading Inclusive Bank in Africa”.

AdIB currently want s to hire qualified & competent persons and would like to invite interested applicants for the following posts:

S.n.Job TitleEducationExperienceCompetencyPlace of WorkNo. of postAdvertised on
1Branch Manager IB.A. Degree in Accounting/Banking/ Management/ related fields6 years of banking experience of which four years in supervisory positions & branch managerial experience at Addis Ababa is desirable• Thorough knowledge of accounting, business law and financial management;
• Thorough knowledge of financial policies and regulations of the Bank;
• Ability to coordinate and direct subordinates;
• Communication and interpersonal skills;
• Basic computer application skills.
Addis Ababa4August 6, 2017
2Senior Risk & Compliance OfficerBachelor’s Degree in Banking/Management/
Accounting or related fields
5/6 years of relevant banking experience• Comprehensive knowledge of banking operation;
• Extensive knowledge of risk and compliance management principles and practices;
• Thorough knowledge of policies, procedures and regulations of the bank and NBE directives;
• Basic computer application skills.
Head Office1August 6, 2017
3Senior IT Security OfficerFirst Degree in Computer Science/Computer Engineering or related fields5/6 years of experience in IT jobs• Good knowledge of IT principles, concepts and practices;
• Considerable knowledge of computer systems security development and administration;
• Communication and interpersonal skills;
• Computer application skills.
Head Office1August 6, 2017
4Network AdministratorFirst Degree in Computer Science/Computer Engineering or related field3/4 years of relevant experience• Knowledge for network design, maintenance and troubleshooting;
• Knowledge of network security systems;
• Ability to design and install data networks;
• Skill in handling networking equipment and tools.
Head Office1August 6, 2017
5Hardware EngineerFirst Degree in Computer Science/Computer or Electrical Engineering or related field3/4 years of experience in related IT jobs• Knowledge of computer operating systems and characteristics;
• Knowledge of troubleshooting methods and techniques;
• Knowledge of determining cause of hardware problems;
• Ability to troubleshoot and diagnose computer hardware problems;
• Skill in the use of computers and peripheral equipment.
Head Office1August 6, 2017
6StorekeeperCollege Diploma in Purchasing and Supply Management or related2 years of relevant experience• Basic knowledge of principles and practices store administration
• Basic knowledge of store management policies and procedures of the Bank
• Basic computer application skills
Head Office1August 6, 2017


  • Salary: As per the scale of the Bank
  • Applicant shall clearly specify the position and place of work for which they have applied
  • At least one reference shall be stated in the CV from current and/or former employment

Interested applicant who meet the requirements shall send application letter, CV and non-returnable copy of other supporting documents within ten days from the first date of announcement to the following postal address:

  • Addis International Bank S.C.
  • HR and Facility Management Dep’t
  • P.O.Box 2455
  • Addis Ababa