Ato Tebebe Mengisut. Manager, Control

Ato Tebebe Mengistu is a graduate from School of Graduate Studies with MBA in business Administration from Jimma University and a graduate of Addis Ababa University in the field of Accounting with BA degree.

Ato Tebebe started his carrier in commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) and worked for four years in different capacities. Then he joined Disaster Prevention and Preparedness Commission (DPPC) and Relief Transport Project (RTP) and served as Head, Audit and Inspection services, Internal Control sections, and as a Senior accountant. After nine years of services at DPPC and TOR, he held a Deputy Finance Manager position in GTZ/TOR, Transport Operation for Refugees from 1992 – 1997. Later, he was a Financial controller, in UNHCR bases located in east and west Africa, Rwanda and DRC/Zaire respectively.

Back to the banking sector, Ato Tebebe Mengistu joined Wegagen Bank S/C in, the late 1997 and served as a Manager, Control Department, Chief Internal Auditor and Assistant Chief Internal Auditor, for nearly 12 years. During his stay at wegagen Bank S/C, he had actively participated in various committees and also he used to be a Secretary and chairman of Ethiopian Bankers Controller’s Forum (EBCF).

Ato Tibebe joined Addis International Bank S.C. in February 2012 from Akir Construction Plc, where he was a Financial Controller.