Ato Dagnew Gessesse. Manager, Corporate Planning and Business Development

Ato Dagnew Gesseess is a graduate of NICO LOPEZ with M.A. Degree in Political Economy (1983) and Addis Ababa University with B.A. Degree in Management (1980). He has also attended various trainings and experience sharing session local and abroad.

Ato Dagnew started his carrier in Ministry of Agriculture and worked for over 12 years in different capacities including Saving & Credit Cooperative & Marketing Expert and Dep't Head of Organization & Management. Then, he served as Micro Enterprise Development Officer in World Vision for two years. Since 1997, he held managerial positions in different organizations. Just to mention a few, General Manager of Saving & Credit Cooperatives Union in Addis Ababa, General Manager of Specialized Financial & Promotional Institution, Operations Manager of Africa Village Financial Services and others. Later, he was a Project Manager and Secretary of the founding members of Addis International Bank (under formation) until he accepted his current position at AdIB in March 2011.

During his professional career, Ato Dagnew has conducted over 30 studies particularly in Micro Finance Institution (MFI) and Cooperative issues. In addition, he has prepared operations, personnel and financial manuals of different MFIs. He also had involved in drafting proclamations and laws regarding Cooperatives. Along with the mentioned, he also had been engaged in consultations and trainings as a consultant and trainer respectively.