Addis International Bank conducted the 2nd round customer recognition and acknowledgement event on March 16, 2017 at Sheraton Addis Hotel. Ato Hailu Alemu and Ato Hailemelekot T/Girgis, the president and the Board Chairman respectively forwarded certificates and trophies in the form of silver, gold and platinum levels to these valued customers. In this regard, the Board of Directors and Management of the bank strongly acknowledged these customers by virtue of their contribution to the success of the bank in deposit mobilization and foreign currency generations. It was also noted that these valued customers are stemmed from exporters, foreign currency recipients, tour operators, consultants and depositors. Accordingly, the bank has given recognition for a total of 87 customers to its valued customers. Of which, 9 are platinum, 11 gold and 11 silver level trophies and certificates for all 87.