Ato Seleshi Mekonnen. Director, Accounts & Finance

Ato Seleshi Mekonnen is a graduate of Addis Ababa University with M.Sc. Degree in Accounting & Finance (2009) and B.A. Degree in Accounting (1992). In addition, he received his Diploma in Accounting (1985) from Junior College of Commerce and he has attended various trainings local and abroad.

Ato Seleshi started his career at National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) and worked there for over 24 years in different capacities. He served as Head of Accounts Ledger Division, Current Accounts Division, Government Accounts Section, Local Transfers (Outgoing) Section and others at Finance and Accounts Department. During his stay at NBE, he served also as a Secretary and Member in various committees like Treasury Bills Auction, Write Off, Liquidity Forecasting and others.

Apart from his banking career, he was giving lectures on Accounting and Financial Management at the Ethiopian Academy of Financial Studies.

Ato Seleshi joined Addis International Bank S.C. in December 2010 from NBE.