Ato Gezu Ayele Mengstu- Director, Legal Service

Ato Gezu Ayele is a graduate of Addis Ababa University with LL.M in Constitutional and Public Law (2013) and LL.B in Law (2007). He has also attended various trainings in local and abroad including the prestigious legal training-International Lawyers for Africa (ILFA) which focuses on Banking and Finance, Private equity among others for three months in London, United Kingdom.

Ato Gezu started his career in the University of Gondar, School of Law as Graduate Assistant II, and Assistant Lecturer. He then served as a Lecturer and Researcher of Laws. He implemented different project works during his stay at the University. Further, he participated in various legal literacy and community education programs. After five years stay in the University, he started his banking career in Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) in 2014 and worked there for 4 years as a Senior Attorney at the Legal Service and also as an Acting Legal Service Manager at various times. During his stay at CBE, he had participated in drafting, reviewing and/or preparing various legal policy and procedures. In addition, he also served as an internal trainer. Apart from normal duties, he published a well researched book on Ethiopian Banking and Commercial Instruments Law in 2017. He also publishes different Banking Law related matters on the CBE’s publications at different times.

Ato Gezu joined Addis International Bank S.C. in February 2018 from Commercial Bank of Ethiopia.